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"Where excellence meets healthy match of expectations"

Since the inception in 2010, Liberty Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. Marine has been providing high quality crew management solution to edge over the high tides of high seas and to meet the expectations of premier employers. It has committed itself to provide the right kind of cabin crewing for third parties and to emerge as total crew management solution provider. Having its operating office at Chennai is an added advantage to LMS Marine as the place enjoys proximity to port.

The emergence of LMS Marine to fore was purely to fill the shortfalls of qualified officers and ratings in the recent years. It has upped the ante with its seasoned personnel who delivered street smart crew management solutions meeting all challenges and defying the odds. The crew manning department is spearheaded by personnel with over 10 years experience like a Master Mariner who is assisted by a Manning Manager who were backed by qualified support staff. To provide the high quality of skilled seafarers, which the Marine industry requires and expects. LMS Marine do this through its rigorous selection and training procedures thereby producing a large pool of qualified officers and crew with hands on experience on all classes of vessels.LMS Marine aims to be the leading firm offering superior quality service in cabin crewing adopting Quality Management System in accordance with ISO standards.


Very Prompt& Responsive for arranging the crew & Officers As and When we require, even short notice also.

- Mr.Ravindernath, PoleStar Maritimem , Mumbai.

Good services Prompt And trustworthy.

- Mr.Satyamurthy, ICL-Shipping Division, Chennai

Excellent Service Provider to ship Owners, Ship Managers and Seafarers. A True beacon of the shipping industry.

- Capt Sunil Kumar Sharma-Fleet Personnel Manager, APJ-Kolkata


  • The crew being the most important factor in ship management, the quality of the seafarers onboard a vessel defines the path to success. We emphasize on teamwork, creating an environment in which our seagoing and shore-based staff are valued and a part of the team.

  • As crew managers we undertake the full scope of management operations required by our ship-owners, clients. We provide services related to crew functions including recruitment and selection, long-term and pool arrangements, travel arrangements, etc.

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